Course Manager

Tournament Manager

The perfect visual communications tool for Tournament Directors to seamlessly create, store and share venue set-up information - with staff, contractors, venues and partners - all in a single place.

Course Manager

Tournament Set-Up

  • Build a comprehensive spatial database of all tournament related information visible anywhere, anytime, ensuring continuity from year to year
  • Record precise locations of spectator ropes while on-course using Mobile App or ClereGolf Enhance® GPS Device
  • Identify and label DropZones, Plan and record penalty areas and OOB remotely against a present-day photographic survey
  • Plan and measure distances / areas to plan course set up
  • Record daily tee and pin locations for simple look-up in future years
  • Record onsite referee decisions
  • Agronomy analysis, reporting tools, fairways and rough cut heights, recording and storing moisture, stimp pH levels etc
Tournament Manager
Course Manager
Tournament Manager


  • A complete visual overview of all infrastructure can be shared instantly with your team and available anytime, anywhere, including:
  • CAD infrastructure drawings from current suppliers
  • Contractors, TV compounds, Rules Office, Recorders, Tour Trucks etc
  • Planning security and marshal positioning
  • Grandstands, Leaderboards, Sponsor boards TV Screens all visual in 3D with sight lines.
  • Spectator amenities, Toliets, f&b, crowd management
  • Trakways, logistic route planning, area calculations
  • Cable routes length, Fibre access points etc
  • Pre existing infrastructure, eg Irrigation, electric cables, gas pipes etc.
Course Manager
Course Manager

Health & Safety

  • Tailored to record and visualise exactly what you want, when planning a safe environment for tournament play.
  • Record fairway crossing points for spectators
  • Overlay tee shot ‘safety zones’ in order to identify areas of potential risk and spectator ropes accordingly
  • Identify locations for First Aid stations, water stations and escape / evacuation routes.
  • Build an up-to-date record to refer back to for future years
  • Record onsite instances related to health and saftey, ball strikes for example.

Live Operations

  • As built surveys displaying the entire tournament set up, driven from a drone flight conducted during tournament week.
  • Live buggy, staff, personnel, and ball tracking
  • Live weather feeds stored against each record created for future analysis.
  • Recording and reporting live on course instances, like ball strikes, ruling, course conditions.